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Zacks Research System for Corporations

The Zacks Research System (ZRS) gives you a fully integrated solution to manage your IR work flow by analyzing buy side activity and strategies, disseminating sell side data, keeping you in touch with your shareholders and prospects, and delivering buy side oriented presentations.

Zacks IR can help you narrow your focus, providing solutions for:
  • Targeting: Quantitative buy side targeting: See which portfolios are likely to buy your stock: Institutions, Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, and SMA's.
  • Activity and Contact Management: Through an integrated partnership with, Zacks provides premier Client Relationship Management with customizable data points and reports based on holdings criteria, contacts or any other input you decide on for reporting purposes.
  • Board Reports: ZRS will create customized Board Reports for your company, comparing various financial metrics, estimates and holdings data.
  • Activist Database: Be alerted when there is an activist filing and view side-by-side activist history for each institution.
  • Expanded Consensus Items: Zacks provides up to 75 consensus items for your company and peers.
  • Complete Financial Statement; Comparative Estimates: Prepare for sell side meetings. See individual side-by-side analyst estimates for each line item on your financial statement along with peer companies.
  • Transcripts: Earnings call transcripts
  • Ownership Analysis: Discover shareholder trends and anticipate ownership.
  • SEC Filings: Edgarpro search capability integrated within ZRS.
  • Research Delivery: Get analyst reports for your company and peers.
  • Research Digest: Summary research reports written for your companies and peers with content from all contributors.
  • Charting: Presentation quality charting with the ability to overlay economic data, company fundamentals, ratios, and technical analysis.
  • Stock Surveillance Services: High touch surveillance for your company's trading activity with insight on hedge fund activity, option analysis, and short selling.
  • IR Web site Hosting: Zacks IR can replace your current IR website with the same content, look, and feel.
  • Webcasting: Webcasting provided for your earnings calls or other events.
For more information please call 1-800-767-3771 ext. 9214 or email