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Zacks SEC Compliance Services Group

A trusted leader in the market data, equity models, research/analysis applications and investment research industry, Zacks is also a top provider of Investor Relations and SEC compliance services. The Compliance Services Group at Zacks Investment Research has been helping public companies fulfill complex SEC compliance requirements since 1992 by producing customized total return stock performance graphs and other related analyses and reports. Originally required to be included in the DEF 14A, also known as the proxy statement, the SEC has required the inclusion of the Total Return Performance Graph in the Annual Report to Shareholders (or the 10K if the 10K is being used as a wrap for the Annual Report and 10K). Zacks also assists UK and Canadian companies fulfill the FSA and CSA requirement to include a performance graph in the Management Circular or Annual Financial Report. The performance graph, which includes broad-based, industry indexes and or peer group indexes, requires specific SEC/FSA/CSA compliant total return calculations. Our staff of experts provides our clients with customized Performance Graph production which meets SEC requirements, custom peer group calculation and analysis, and is happy to work with our clients and advise them throughout the process.

Zacks is the only licensed provider of the NASDAQ Industry Indexes co-developed by CRSP and NASDAQ as well as the AMEX Industry indexes and broad-based indexes developed by CRSP on the NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE and the combined NASDAQ/AMEX/NYSE. We are one of the few licensed providers of all licensed Major Market Index data from Dow Jones, Dow Jones Wilshire, NASDAQ, Russell, S&P, NYSE, AMEX and TSX, and others. Our own Zacks Total Return Indexes can be viewed at

About Zacks Investment Research, Inc.

Founded in 1978, Zacks Investment Research, a Chicago based firm, began with processing, organizing and evaluating research produced by US brokerage firms. Today Zacks receives daily electronic data feeds and printed research reports from over 185 brokerage firms, produced by more than 3,200 analysts amounting to over 500,000 pages of brokerage research. In addition, ZIR provides market & fundamental data on over 8000 publicly traded equities. 

Zacks' early contribution to investment analysis was the discovery that earnings per share estimate revisions are the most powerful force affecting stock prices, which gave birth to the Zacks Indicator. This, along with being the first to calculate consensus EPS estimates of quarterly earnings (1981), and to create the concept of EPS surprises, as well as the first to analyze price response to EPS surprises placed Zacks among the top innovating pioneers in the industry, and earned Zacks its reputation as the earnings estimates specialist. 

Renowned for its' comprehensive product line, expertise, flexibility, and personal service, Zacks is the vendor of choice. An Industry Leader with nearly 30 years of experience in providing institutional investors with the analytical tools and financial information necessary for the success of their investment processes, we look forward to another 30 years as an innovative, established industry benchmark. 

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