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Products & Services

Zacks Investment Research, Inc. is proud to introduce our SEC/CSA/FSA Compliance Services Products and Services. We offer SEC/CSA/FSA required reports such as the Total Return Stock Performance Graph with Data. We also provide a series of reports which are invaluable tools for the internal analysis of your company’s health vs. your peers, LTI plan metrics and analysis and better SEC compliance and shareholder value. We have the largest selection of published Indexes available as well as comprehensive data feeds and extensive historical databases.

This institutional level of services had not been available to public companies before, except through expensive Investor Relations or research firms. The incorporation of detailed data analysis, comprehensive information, and the research make these premium yet very affordable products for your company’s CFO, Board of Directors and Investor Relations manager and analysts. No one but Zacks, with our experience as a data, investment research, institutional analyses, markets information, and investment management provider can offer the expertise required for these products and services.