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Earning per Share or Earnings Related Data

One of the best techniques in determining if a company’s stock price accurately reflects its worth, and its success at the bottom line, is earnings per share analysis including the earnings per share ratio.
Zacks' early contribution to investment analysis was the discovery that earnings per share estimate revisions are the most powerful force affecting stock prices, which gave birth to the Zacks Indicator. This, along with being the first to calculate consensus EPS estimates of quarterly earnings (1981), and to create the concept of EPS surprises, as well as the first to analyze price response to EPS surprises placed Zacks among the top innovating pioneers in the industry, and earned Zacks its reputation as the earnings estimates specialist. Today, the investment industry, corporations and academic institutions continue to use Zacks earnings research, data and analysis. This foundation underlies the analyses we provide to corporations for internal studies, board presentations and SEC filings.
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