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Indexes and Index Selection

SEC/CSA/FSA regulations require that a public company provide a comparison of its’ performance to a broad based index (Canadian companies), and to an industry index or self-constructed peer group in the form of a line graph for U.S. and UK companies.

The line graph should compare the yearly percentage change in the registrant's cumulative total shareholder return with the cumulative total return of a broad equity market index assuming reinvestment of dividends, and the cumulative total return, assuming reinvestment of dividends, of a published industry or line-of-business index. The term "published industry or line-of-business index" means any index that is prepared by a party other than the registrant or an affiliate and is accessible to the registrant's security holders; provided, however, that registrants may use an index prepared by the registrant or affiliate if such index is widely recognized and used.
Zacks Investment Research, Inc. is the exclusive provider of the NASDAQ and AMEX Industry Index Data, a licensed vendor of  S&P Total Return Index Data, Dow Jones Index Data and offers the most comprehensive selection of Major Markets and Industry Indices available. We include all indexes which public companies use, however some indexes may not be appropriate. We are happy to help you refine your selection so that your graph includes the most suitable indexes. Click on the links below for detailed information on our index data offerings.