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NASDAQ Major Market and Industry Indexes

Zacks is licensed by NASDAQ to offer the first set of NASDAQ Indexes listed below. Some of these indexes may not be appropriate for your graph although you may be including them. Our experts will help you with a review of your graph and appropriate selection of indexes. 


NASDAQ Indexes
NASDAQ 100 Stock Index
NASDAQ Biotechnology Index
NASDAQ Capital Market Composite Index
NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Liquid Series Total Return Index
NASDAQ Clean Edge U.S. Total Return Index
NASDAQ Composite Subordinate Index
NASDAQ Composite-Total Returns
NASDAQ Computer Index
NASDAQ Dividend Achievers Total Return Index
NASDAQ Global Market Composite Index
NASDAQ Global Select Market Composite Index
NASDAQ Health Care Index
NASDAQ Industrials Index
NASDAQ Insurance Index
NASDAQ NeuroInsights Neurotech Index
NASDAQ Other Finance Index
NASDAQ Q-50 Index
NASDAQ Telecommunications Index
NASDAQ Transportation Index
NASDAQ-100 After Hours Indicator (AHI)
NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Total Return Index
NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Sector Index
NASDAQ-100 Ex-Tech Total Return Index
NASDAQ-100 Financial Index
NASDAQ-100 Index
NASDAQ-100 Pre-Market Indicator (PMI)
NASDAQ-100 Technology
NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Total Return Index
NASDAQ-100 Total Return Index
NASDAQ-Canada Index


*Please click on “Disclaimer” for information regarding liability.
Zacks is the exclusive licensed provider for the second set of NASDAQ (Total Return) major market and industry indexes listed below which are co-developed and maintained by CRSP|Center for Research in Security Prices, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago in partnership with NASDAQ. These are displayed on the NASDAQ web site for the internal use of public companies only, and may not be used for any purpose by third parties including their inclusion in Total Return Performance Graphs. Please see the screen shots of the NASDAQ web site with the exclusivity disclaimer below. These indexes are displayed on the NASDAQ web site as NASDAQ Indexes but are proprietary to CRSP.
NASDAQ Computer and Data Processing
NASDAQ Computer Manufacturers
NASDAQ Electronic Components
NASDAQ Financial Stocks
NASDAQ Health Services
NASDAQ Insurance
NASDAQ Medical Equipment
NASDAQ Non Financial Stocks
NASDAQ Pharmaceuticals
NASDAQ Retail Trade
NASDAQ Telecommunications
NASDAQ Trucking/Transportation
NASDAQ Stock Market (US Companies)
NASDAQ Stock Market (US & Foreign Companies)
*Please click on “Disclaimer” for information regarding liability.
NASDAQ Web site screenshots regarding the use and license of the NASDAQ major market and industry index data listed in the above set: