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Total Return Stock Performance Graph

Zacks Investment Research has kept public companies regulations compliant since 1992, with top 500 companies returning year after year for their performance graphs and other Compliance Group products and services. Our SEC/CSA/FSA Compliance Services Group is focused exclusively on helping you meet reporting requirements. By outsourcing these important tasks to us you are placing them in the hands of experienced professionals in financial engineering, finance, economics and statistics. They have the required knowledge, technology and most comprehensive data at their fingertips to provide you with guaranteed high quality service and a quick turn-around, saving you time and money.

The Zacks Total Return Stock Performance Graph allows CFOs, Treasurers, Controllers or Investor Relations Officers to meet the reporting requirement of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, the Canadian Securities Administration, and the United Kingdom’s Financial Securities Authority which mandate registered public companies to file certain documents which require a performance comparison of the company vs. an index or peer group. We specialize in these graphs, especially those which are difficult or complex. We also specialize in advising you regarding peer group and index selection and reporting regulations.
Zacks SEC Compliance Services offers:
  • Data: the most comprehensive selection of data and indexes (S&P, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, CRSP, Zacks, NYSE, AMEX, TSX, NAREIT, Russell and others- licensed) against which you can benchmark your performance. Weekly, monthly and additional historical data is available upon request.
  • Total Return Stock Performance Graph: Our standard five-year Stock Total Return Performance Graph includes your company's total returns, a broad market index, a peer group of your choice whether a custom group of companies, SIC Code Group, or industry index, and all underlying data, including price and dividends. Our graphs are also available on a quarterly or monthly basis, with additional history and additional data; or beyond the standard five year period for a longer term perspective and under the five year period to highlight performance due to divestiture, M&A and other events.
    • Quick turnaround:
In most cases, your chart can be emailed to you within the day. At the very maximum, your chart will be delivered to you within 3 days, whether you choose electronic or next day delivery.
    • No extra charges:
Our competitive quoted price for our standard graph is all-inclusive without extra charges for any additional features, including same or next-day shipping.
    • company total return worksheet:
We are happy to provide this worksheet which includes contains all calculations: number of shares   purchased, increase in number of shares owned, dividend reinvestment, split-adjusted closing stock prices, and split-adjusted per share dividend amounts.
  • Consulting:
    • Peer Group Index Construction:
We provide our clients with personal consulting by our experts to help you determine what the best peer group comparison is for your company. We analyze your company’s peers’ performance and the factors which contribute to it, and we work with you to maximize your total return performance comparisons. We also provide a total return worksheet for each member of a self-constructed peer group in addition to the peer group cumulative total return worksheet